How To Get UrPay International Transfer Offer Today: 5 Best Tips

Get the latest UrPay International Transfer Offer Today simply by adding a promo code while transferring money internationally. Recently UrPay launched the UrPay Promo Code for International Money Transfer. In this article, I will show you the UrPay International Transfer Offer Today.


UrPay is one of the most popular wallets powered by Alrajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia. It allows users to transfer money locally to other banks and also allows international transfers. UrPay provides a high exchange rate for international transfers. Alrajhi Bank and UrPay are the two platforms that provide higher exchange rates as compared to all other banks and digital wallets.


How To Get UrPay International Transfer Offer Today

To Get UrPay International Transfer Offer Today follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your UrPay App.
  2. Select International transfer.
  3. Add Beneficiary Account. If you have already added before just select the Beneficiary you want to transfer the money.
  4. Click the double arrow icon to transfer the amount.
  5. Enter the Amount you want to transfer. You must enter above 60 SAR minimum.
  6. Choose the transfer method MoneyGram. 
  7. Select the purpose of sending money.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions.
  9. Fill in the Promo code box and enter “urpay” in the code option.

You will get zero transfer fee once you enter the promo code. Hope you will enjoy and take advantage of the opportunity to send money to your country from Saudi Arabia with zero fees. Normally Urpay charges 13 SAR for International transfers and still it is better than other banks that charge 15-20 SAR for International transfers.

Terms and Conditions to Get UrPay International Transfer Offer Today

  • Offer is applicable with MoneyGram transfers only.
  • Offer is applicable when using the  “urpay” promo code.
  • The unlimited number of transfers.
  • No minimum amount to avail of the offer.
  • Urpay and MoneyGram general terms and conditions apply.