How to Get Google AdSense Approval: 7 Amazing Steps

How to Get Google AdSense Approval

Almost all content publishers want to know How to Get Google AdSense Approval on their website and earn money from their blogs and websites. AdSense is the world’s largest and most popular ads-serving platform for content publishers to monetize their blogs and websites. However, It is a little challenging to get Google AdSense Approval, especially for new website publishers. Here is the complete guide on how to get Google AdSense approval.


Here are the main requirements to get AdSense approval:

1. Review and Comply with Google’s Policies

Your website must follow AdSense Program policies and the Google Publisher Policies before applying for Google AdSense Approval. The content on the website shall follow and comply with Google’s Policies, terms, and conditions. The content shall not be under Google’s restricted content that includes sexual content, shocking content, explosives, drugs and recreational drugs, Guns, gun parts, and related products, Alcohol sale or misuse, Online gambling, Unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements, or the Apps removed from the Play store.

2. Orignal and Unique Content

Creating original and unique content is the most important factor for getting AdSense approval. Google always wants quality content that is unique and original to make the readers happy and feel them they found the queries that they were looking for. The content shall be to the point, valuable, and relevant to the topic providing a positive user experience for the readers.


3. Responsive and User-friendly Website Layout

Google always provides the best experience for its users even in ad serving, so the website that is going to display its ads must be designed user user-friendly, and mobile responsive. This layout should be clear and clean with easy navigation and easy to load. The website with the best user experience increases user access and makes them read and explore easily on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

4. Navigation Menu and Important Pages

As per Google’s requirement, your website must have all mandatory pages (such as About, Contact, Privacy Policy, terms, and Conditions)updated with accurate information about the publishers and the website purposes, and be clearly shown on your website homepage. The website navigation shall be clean and clear to easily navigate. All the content should be properly categorized based on content outlines and topics.

5. Get Some Organic traffic

It is an additional tip to get some organic source traffic, however, the Google AdSense didn’t clearly mention traffic or visitor numbers. But anyhow the organic traffic will ensure quality and reader engagement with your website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be the basic factor in improving the visibility of your articles and content in search engines. Other social media platforms can also help your website to get organic traffic and a target audience.

6. Check for Broken Link

Check and review your website, if there is any broken link, must remove it before applying for Google AdSense. The broken links especially in navigation affect your website and may cause rejection while AdSense reviewing your website.

7. Apply for AdSense Properly

After all, now it’s time to apply for AdSense, now open your AdSense account and apply properly by directly submitting your link or by Google site kit plugin.

8. Wait for Review

Once you submit an application, it will take some days (7-14 days) or in some cases 21 days to get a response from AdSense. If you get approved then congratulations… if you get rejected, then no worries, open your AdSense, check the rejection reasons, and follow the instructions to fix the errors before reapplying. Once you fixed all things, you can reapply.

In reality, Google AdSense approval on your website requires effort, patience, and attention to focus on your content especially. I will again prefer to create quality and unique content because Google likes unique content and content that can grab users’ attention.