How Google Search Engine Works? 10 Best Tips

How Google Search Engine works, In This article, we will learn what is a search engine and before starting let’s know about the Google Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization SEO.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) has grown so much that it is now considered one of the four largest industries in the world. And people are crazy about it. The secret of Google’s success is that its services  Are very good services.

There are all kinds of people in the world and they are looking for information, technology, news, trends, fun, entertainment, sports, drama, and movies based on their interests. We were talking about search engines. Let’s see how a search engine works. So they directly open mobile and browser or YouTube and type what they are looking for, as a result, the Search Engine shows millions of results. So let’s see how the Google Search Engine works.



The purpose of a search engine is to collect green sites according to their topic, collect information from millions of websites, and then each website according to the keyword (keyword) results. This is the basic definition of search engine optimization.

Steps How Does the Google search engine work?

We can describe the search engine method in three parts:

1. Crawler.   2. Index    3. Interface 

Crawler (Crawling)

Google Crawler website, When a website is submitted to Google, Google’s search engine looks at the website from the inside out.  Java codes, HTML text content, images, videos – everything that crawls through the air on your site.  Also called a crawler spider boat.

It checks and reads your website information which is in English or any language and stores search engine data. And the special thing here is that Google or any other search engine  When it crawls your site, detects all kinds of fraud.  That is, whether your site is spamming or in accordance with the terms and conditions of this search engine, and if not, your site is blacklisted.

Important point: What does it mean for a website to be fraudulent?  The most important thing is whether the content on your website is generic or not.  Or this content has been stolen from another website.  If your website does not contain immoral content such as Pornography, Violent material that has an international ban on its publication), Your website is not a copy of any other website. All these factors are detected while crawling your website.

97% of people who are rejected to use Google Adsense for the reasons mentioned above.  Then they blame Google, even though Google praises those who work honestly and kick out dishonesty and fraud.

This begs the question: how does Google know if this content is stolen or genuine?  If you have written an article on a book or if the hard disk of a computer is the same, then when different people write on the same thing, the content must be the same.  So the answer is that even similar content does not fall into the category of copyright, but when you publish someone else’s content on your website without their permission, it is plagiarism and wrong.

When you copy an article from someone’s website and publish it on your site, for example, if the text on that site contained 5 words and you picked up the same 8 words and put them on your site.  Granted, this is a crime.

That’s why, when the Google crawler visits your site and the above errors are found on the website, your site becomes blacklisted and doesn’t show Google ads on it which can be prohibited by Governments of the countries or companies.  (Google crawler comes only once and keeps checking the content of the site) And it is not the case that your popular site is blacklisted by one and a half mistakes.  Instead, you should check your content and always write your article.  Don’t steal anyone’s content.

Index (indexing)

After crawling, Google Search Engine indexes the information of the webpage which is free of the above fraudulent factors that we discussed in crawling. It stored the all information and indexed the specific keywords.

Interface (Interfacing)

After indexing, a graphical interface is shown by Google Search Engine which consists of the all results for which we are looking.

Here is the Google Official Guidance About How Does Google Search Engine Work:


Hopefully, now you understand what is Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization and how Google Search Engine works. All Other Search engines also follow almost the same algorithm.