How To Get WhatsApp QR Code: 2 Best Methods

How To Get a WhatsApp QR Code

Today we will see How to Find a WhatsApp QR code and how to share a WhatsApp QR code to connect quickly. WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular messenger and community platforms that allows you to contact directly with people by their phone numbers or by their WhatsApp QR Code.

It is quite interesting and easy To find WhatsApp QR codes and share them with other people. It helps people to connect with you quickly once they scan the QR Code without having your contact number. Most businesses, organizations, HR recruiter, and shops use their WhatsApp QR code for their customers or employees to be connected quickly.




Steps How to find Whatsapp QR Code

Here are some steps via which we can find Whatsapp QR code:

1. Open your WhatsApp from your mobile.

2. Click the three dots button above the right corner as mentioned below.

3. Now click the settings.

4. When settings open you will see your name, and a small QR code at the right of your name.

5. Click the QR Code, and you will get the QR Code.



How to Share WhatsApp QR Code

To Share a WhatsApp QR code, you will need to generate the QR Code and last, there will be a share button. Click the share button, and select the platform wherever you want to share.

You can also easily share the WhatsApp QR code by taking a screenshot and can share it anywhere you want. Mostly people post on their profiles, shops, banners infographics to access their customers’ clients quickly and easily.

QR code is the easiest way to get WhatsApp contact of anyone without having their number. WhatsApp also provides short profile links for easier access to their customers. However getting in connection via a link is a little difficult as compared to a QR code.